As we finish the restoration of the facade of the Albee House, much work remains to fully restore the exterior of our home – along with many more expenses.

Help us return the house to its former glory by sponsoring some of the building materials and supplies we need to make it happen! We’ll show our appreciation by including your name on the page documenting our restoration progress.

Box of Nails

$25 (5 needed: $125 Total)

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Gallon of Paint or Primer

$50 (44 needed: $2200 Total)

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5 Pieces of Cedar Siding

100 pieces needed: $2000 Total
75 pieces needed: $1500 Total

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One Corbel

16 needed: $4000 Total
15 needed: $3750 Total

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One Level of Scaffolding

$500 (3 needed: $1500 Total)

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1 Week Lift Rental

2 weeks needed: $1400 Total
1 week needed: $700 Total

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This project is made possible with grant support from Landmarks Illinois